10 Autumn Gardening Tasks That Should Never Be Overlooked

10 Autumn Gardening Tasks That Should Never Be Overlooked

Top Tips on Preparing Your Outside Space for Winter

While the weather is still relatively mild, why not take the opportunity to tackle a few last gardening tasks?


Autumn is here, and with it comes just a few short weeks to get your garden ready for winter. Preparing your outside space now will ensure that it will flourish come next spring. Besides, it makes sense to make the most of the autumn weather before the cold snap sets in!

Here is an essential autumn checklist for all you keen gardeners and landscapers out there.


Dead head and weed

First things first, tackle the dead heading of your flowerbeds and potted plants. This will ensure that new shoots and flowers will come through in the spring. Set aside an afternoon for weeding, too.

Stock up on supplies

Stock up on winter supplies such as white de-icing salt and brown rock salt while the weather is still warm – this way, you’ll know you’re fully prepared for snow and ice later in the season. Getting together a fully stocked shed will mean that you won’t have to dash out and panic buy anything when the colder weather hits.

Protect your pond

If you have a pond in your garden, now is the time to cover it. This will prevent any falling leaves from fouling the water, and in turn will keep it habitable for any fish and amphibians who call it home.

Sweep up the leaves

Leaves falling from trees might look pretty and romantic, but they can easily smother and rot your lawn and plants. Make sure that you rake them up regularly before they start to break down – and pop them in your compost bin instead.

Cover potted plants

If you’ve got lots of potted plants, now is the time to think about protecting them from the harsh winter weather. If you can, bring them inside. If you don’t have the room for your plants indoors, then wrap them in horticultural fleece where possible.

Plant some bulbs

For an explosion of colour in your garden come spring, plant some bulbs before the cold weather arrives. You should be planting daffodil bulbs from now up until the end of October, and then focusing on tulips through November.

Tend to your lawn

Mow your lawn to stop the growth any weeds or moss, then treat it with an autumn fertiliser to add nutrients. If your lawn is looking patchy, then now is a great time to sprinkle some grass seeds or lay some new lawn, as the weather is still relatively mild.

Introduce new plants now

You should plant any roses, hardy climbers, shrubs, trees and perennials now. This is so they will get a great head start in ground that isn’t too cold. Frost can kill off a plant that doesn’t have established roots, so time is of the essence here.

Prepare your greenhouse

If you have a greenhouse, get it ready for winter. Move out any plants that have finished their harvest, such as tomatoes. These are prone to disease, so getting rid of them now will ensure other plants thrive. Then give the area a thorough clean and tidy for any new arrivals.

Look after wooden fences and furniture

If your fences are in a sorry state, repair them now before the timber dries out in the colder weather. This will stop them from cracking or splitting during any DIY jobs. While you remember, cover or put away any wooden garden furniture, too.

Don’t neglect your landscape this autumn

By tackling a few of these tasks every weekend, your garden will be ready for even the harshest winter. Getting the whole family involved will help to spread the workload, and the great thing about gardening is that kids love it too! In no time at all, you’ll have ticked off everything on the list.