5 Ways to Enjoy Your Conservatory This Summer

5 Ways to Enjoy Your Conservatory This Summer

With summer just around the corner, bespoke conservatories are being used for relaxation and entertainment in gardens across the UK. So, if you’re not getting the full potential from your conservatory or are still considering whether or not to have one built, we’ve highlighted five ways to enjoy conservatories in the summer.


Children’s play room

With the warmer weather just around the corner, conservatories and garden rooms can be used to keep children active during their long summer break. Conservatories are great for keeping kids out of the main space in the home, away from television or games consoles, and occupied in a fresh and open space. The use of sliding doors on conservatories opens the garden up to kids, to allow them to use the room as a ‘den’ for all their fun-filled activities.

Relaxing retreat

Conservatories provide a perfect space for unwinding in the garden. As fully working living areas, conservatories can be used as a ‘home from home’ on days where you want to get away from the home space and sit somewhere peaceful. From morning until night, conservatories can act as a tranquil spot to relax and leave worries behind.

Spa space

Simply being the perfect place to relax, conservatories can be utilised as spa rooms or treatments rooms. Conservatories can easily be adapted to take your relaxation needs that one step further.

Gym rooms

Conservatories are highly durable, providing a sturdy enough frame to utilise the space as a gym room. What better way to exercise than in the comfort of your own home, with the doors open to the garden providing plenty of fresh air?

Party pads

Conservatories can act as a vibrant centre for entertaining friends and family during the warm summer nights. The space can be equipped with the amenities you require, such as a fully working kitchen if required, meaning guests will never be without food when they’re relaxing in the garden.