About Us

architect drawingsHome Improvements In Essex provide a bespoke service to every customer to allow you to get the most from your home.

We start by surveying your home to determine what structural alterations are possible, then sit down with you to discuss your specific needs – do you want a large kitchen-living space, a dedicated TV room, a quiet reading space or open plan family living area?

We then work up through the house to ensure that you are making the best use of every room. Spare bedrooms can be converted to create play rooms, gyms or luxury ensuites. If your garage is being underutilised, we’ll explore ways to incorporate this into your living space too.

We will then work with you to obtain permitted development certificates or full planning approval on all structural changes, as well as approval from building control. Our team of contractors will then get to work on your home. If you require temporary storage while the work is being carried out, we can also manage this for you at a secure storage centre too.

Are you ready to build the house of your dreams? Get in touch today!