Advantages of Replacing Patio Doors with Bi Folding Doors

Advantages of Replacing Patio Doors with Bi Folding Doors

Bi folding doors can instantly transform your living space like no other home improvement can. They can help to open up a multitude of possibilities, changing how rooms are used, brightening up dark spaces and creating a seamless flow from inside to the outside.

Sliding patio doors have been popular since the middle of the last century and lots of homes still use them as access to the garden. Aside from the improved aesthetics that come with installing temporary doors, there are also many other benefits to having bi folding doors installed in your home.


Additional space

Unlike traditional sliding patio doors that are typically only open up half of the available opening, bi-fold doors fold back to just a few inches of the opening. This means that considerably more of the outside environment can be enjoyed, utilising the space like never before.

Additional security

Bi folding doors provide far more security than traditional sliding doors. It is commonly believed that old sliding doors can create an easy entrance for burglars, as the locks tend to be basic and easy to tamper with. Some insurance companies even consider them as a security weakness in a property, and consequently raise their premium.

Bi-folding doors provide superior security with internal locking features such as multi-point locks with hooked locking points and shoot bolts. Installation is another key area to ensuring a door is secure, so it’s important to have them fitted by a professional recognised by the manufacturer of the product.

Additional safety

Leading UK bi-fold manufacturers offer finger-safe gaskets to protect fingers from getting trapped in the doors. This was a common fault with the old-fashioned sliding doors, which gain momentum as they are closed.

Efficiency and usability

As the cost of heating the homes continues to increase, consideration needs to be given to ensure that all new products have strong environmental and energy-efficient credentials. Doors that are fitted with double glazed units provide a thermally-efficient barrier and meet all current UK Building Regulations.

Bi fold doors are incredibly easy to operate inside or outside, with free-glide running systems using frictionless and maintenance-free roller bearings that ensure no matter how many doors are in the set, they are able to open and close easily. This is a far cry from the heavy, clunky doors of the past, renowned for sticking or slamming with momentum.