Artificial Lawn – The Low Maintenance Solution For Your Lockdown Garden

Top Benefits of Switching To Synthetic Grass

Have you been longing for more outdoor space but don’t have the time to care for it? Consider an artificial grass installation for your property.

As the nation locked down in March for several months before restrictions began to ease, this highlighted the sobering fact that one in eight British households don’t have access to a private garden. The ONS reveals that this increases to one in five properties that have zero outdoor space if you live in the London area. As a result, gardens have been top of the priority lists for those who have been rushing to move since the first lockdown ended. Of course, having a garden is one thing, but maintaining it is quite another. That’s where artificial grass comes in as a fantastically convenient way to keep a pristine garden with next to no effort required. Here are some of the top benefits of choosing synthetic over the traditional British lawn.

Improve The Aesthetics Of Your Garden

Say goodbye to mud and scorched patches when you install artificial grass in your new garden. An Evergreen artificial grass expert explains that a synthetic lawn will look visually pleasing all year round, and you’ll need to do very little to keep it in tip-top condition. Fake grass has come a long way since it first arrived on the market – gone are the days of having a bright green canvas fit to display your fruit and veg on. Instead, modern artificial grass technology uses a tri-colour blend of earthy tones to ensure that your fake lawn will look entirely authentic. The thatch is exposed to reveal a natural look at the blade beneath the top surface layer. It’s UV resistant too, so won’t fade in strong sunlight.

Great For Pets and Kids

Families with children or pets will attest to how challenging it can be to keep a natural lawn in great shape. In fact, it’s next to impossible. If you’re fed up of returfing or laying fresh grass seed every season because your little ones have turned your beloved lawn into a mud slide, then artificial grass is just what you’re looking for. Not only is it ideal for them to play on all day long, and in all weathers, but you’ll also notice that those tiny feet stop dragging the dirt inside too. If you’re worried about your pets doing their business on your lawn, be assured that any urine will simply drain through to the sublayers beneath, whilst any dog or cat dirt can be picked up and disposed of with ease.

Simple Maintenance

You won’t need to give up your Sundays to run a mower over an artificial lawn, nor will you waste water on keeping it refreshed. The only maintenance required with a fake lawn is that leaves and other natural debris will build up over time. Simply give it a rake or use a leaf blower to gather up the excess surface material and it will look good as new in no time at all. You’ll also save heaps on your water bills when you switch to this low-maintenance alternative to a grass lawn.

Finally, the great news for homeowners is that today’s buyers are often looking for properties with artificial lawn installed due to both its popularity and convenience. Installing synthetic grass could add value to your property resell price which makes it a worthy long-term investment.