Create A Five Star Luxury Bathroom

Bathroom with Ample Greige Wood Effect Tile

How To Transform Your Bathroom From Drab To Fab

Quality standalone bathroom units and innovative technology combine to create a five star luxury oasis right in your very own home.

When you open your five-star hotel room for the first time, most guests head to one of two places – the balcony to check out the view, and the luxury bathroom to gasp at how extravagant it is in comparison to the poky three-piece porcelain suite back at home. Unfortunately, the view from your balcony is not something you’ll be able to take with you on your return back to reality, but the great news is that designing an indulgent bathroom is absolutely within your grasp. Here are some tips to help create a relaxing and decadent oasis in your very own home.

Freestanding Baths

If space allows, then a freestanding bath is an investment that will become the focal point of your new bathroom and adds a serious amount of wow factor. In a larger room, this works well in the centre, but in a smaller room you’ll get a similar effect by installing your bath beneath a central window, surrounded by a backdrop of sleek bathroom tiles.

His And Hers Basins

Tired of arguing with your loved one over basin space? Couples disputes are typically heightened in smaller, cramped spaces, so put all your troubles aside and opt for a side-by-side pair of basins, affectionately known as his and hers. Whether it’s the man leaving shaving hairs in the sink or the woman scattering her endless cosmetics all around the basin top, it’s much better to give everyone the space they need. You can even opt for basins with vanity units beneath for added storage.

High-End Taps

The choice of taps is an essential luxury element in your five-star home bathroom and nothing creates glamour quite like the waterfall tap. Once you’ve seen water cascading over the top of one of these clever designs, you’ll never want to settle for anything less.


Every luxury bathroom needs some mood lighting and candles aren’t always practical. Being able to fully relax is a huge part of enjoying your new bathroom, so take some time to invest in lights with a full range of settings so that the room provides plenty of illumination when you’re doing your makeup, but dims down to a romantic ambience when you’re lounging in the tub with a champagne flute in your hand.

There are some incredibly innovative lighting ideas available in luxury bathrooms, including LED lights which are embedded within taps and shower heads. You can also add coloured LED strip lighting around your mirror for a great accent.


There’s nothing more infuriating than a bathroom mirror that doesn’t show you in your best light. Some mirrors bend ever so slightly over time and distort your appearance, either making you look shorter and rounder or longer and slimmer. It’s important to shop for a mirror that is completely flat which will give you an accurate reflection of your shape and stature.  Go for a large mirror above your basin that will add extra light and is good for feng shui. Make sure you choose one with a demister installed so you don’t need to wait long to use it following a steamy hot soak.

Now that you’ve learned how to transform your bathroom into five-star luxury, why stop there? The next time you’re lucky enough to stay in a top-class hotel, take note of the accents and accessories that you could incorporate into other rooms of your home. You’ll never need to go on vacation again!