Create A Rustic Garden Paradise

rustic garden

The Little Details That Bring Together Your Theme

Getting back to nature is the essence of any rustic garden theme. Learn how to incorporate raw materials to create your own garden paradise.

If you’re revamping your garden this year, know that rustic themes are very much on trend. The casual, effortless style is reminiscent of times gone by, and can even help you imagine that you’re somewhere entirely different – perhaps in the garden of a ye olde English country cottage, or a French farmhouse. When you’re putting together your rustic garden setting, it’s really all about the details. Some people choose to mix a rustic theme with items and arrangements that are perhaps more contemporary or even industrial in nature. But if you’re looking for a pure rustic look, follow these tips to help you create your perfect garden paradise this summer.

Add Fencing

Even small gardens can benefit from a little rustic fencing to separate one area from the other. You might want to create a fenced off area for your garden shed or perhaps to divide the patio from the lawn. As far as decorating your fence goes, you might choose to leave the fence as stripped-back raw material, or alternatively you could paint the posts in a pastel colour which is in keeping with your pretty, quaint theme.

Experiment With Your Containers

Both decorative and practical, every rustic garden needs to make the most of its containers. Terracotta pots come in all shapes and sizes and can house everything from candles as a centrepiece on your garden table, to pot plants and a miniature garden. Old pallets are another perfect addition to your rustic décor – stack them high to use as a vertical planter, or nail them together to create a bench or coffee table. If you’re hoping to use one to plant vegetables in, take care not to use one that has been treated with chemicals.

Paving Your Way

Whether you’re looking at creating a patio space, or a twee garden path, it’s important to select the right type of paving to complement your rustic theme. Be careful not to go with a look that’s too uniform, it would be better to use a mix of raw materials such as bricks and cobbles, with gravel and pebbles laid inbetween.  As far as colours go, stick with natural, earthy tones such as dark browns and copper.

Selecting The Perfect Seating

‘Old’ is a word that comes to mind when you think of rustic design, but not necessarily one that you’re happy to marry with the idea of your perfect set of garden furniture. However, it’s simple to choose table and chairs that are a great match for your theme, whilst being comfortable and sturdy enough to sit and dine on. Rattan furniture is ever-popular and is versatile enough to work with either a stripped-back or more modern theme. You can go one step further and choose a rattan corner sofa for lazy afternoons, or a rattan pod for cosy evenings.

There really is no end to the amount of rustic detail you can incorporate into your garden design. Why not add a vintage mirror or bird-feeder made from shells? So long as the materials you use are authentic and traditional, you can have a lot of fun creating a rustic garden paradise to enjoy year after year.