Decorative Details to Add to The Home

Decorative Details to Add to The Home

Updating your interior scheme couldn’t be easier with the help of attractive door-knobs and sleek handles.

We take hooks, knobs and door handles for granted – but we shouldn’t. These are the hard workers of the home, the unsung heroes helping to keep cupboards with junk in under control in hallways, bedrooms and front rooms.

Choosing the right door handles and fixtures will add the final flourish to the scheme; just like buttons on a jacket.

We’re all revamping our homes on increasingly tight budgets and using decorative door handles is a quick and simple trick to help revive a piece of furniture or space.

You don’t need to spend a fortune on a new kitchen, as simply switching cupboard door knobs to make them more personal, or appropriate to the items that are stacked within a drawer, will give a space character.

Decorative door handles

Decorative door handles are becoming increasingly popular, with funky designs including marble dog heads, wooden beehive knobs and Art Deco handles. Art Deco is an increasingly popular style: a style that will simply never go out of fashion and will look stunning in both traditional and contemporary settings.

Trendy door handles

Door handles and knobs needn’t be boring, and more and more people are opting for decorative handles for their furniture and interior. Butchers’ hooks, designed for hanging meat, are the trendy larder staple, used for storing aprons and tea towels. They can also be used for pots and pans, and even bunting.


Redesigning a homes interior on a budget can be difficult, but with such unique door handles, knobs and hooks available on the market, anyone has the tools to refresh and update their interior.