DIY Luxury Kitchens


Ways you can do your own DIY kitchen design whether the entire project or using a designer to handle all or some of it. Sourcing units, appliances and worktops.

Design and create your own kitchen using the best in materials

For many the kitchen is one of the most frequently used and therefore important rooms in their home. The desire to personalise it can easily be met with the enormous range of different types and styles of units, appliances, decorative elements and choice of quality worktops including natural stone such as granite.


You may fancy designing your new kitchen yourself, but you can enlist the services of a kitchen designer who can help turn your ideas and vision for your perfect kitchen into reality. Any designer worth their salt will have designed many kitchens in all sorts of spaces, so may be able to suggest options you may not have thought of.

They can also source all or some of the components such as units and appliances depending on how much outside help you require.

The DIY route

On the other hand, if you’re prepared to do the legwork and source items yourself you can likely save money compared to buying an overall new kitchen package. If your skills don’t extend to actually fitting the kitchen out yourself, there are various skilled trades people such as certain carpenters who could fit units for you and electricians who can then take care of installing the new appliances.


Various companies exist who offer kitchen units either as their overall specialism or as part of a general furniture offering. Spend some time online finding some in your area and perhaps visit one or two to make your choice.


Chances are you’ll have a definite idea of the type and style of appliances you’d like such as fridge-freezers and so on. If you do take the kitchen designer route they can probably source equipment for you, but it’s easy enough to find what you’re looking for and buy direct from easy to access retailers such as John Lewis.


A top quality worktop will really set the seal on your new kitchen – and could be a way of giving your existing kitchen a bit of a lift if you’re considering a partial refit. Natural stone such as granite offers a high class, luxurious look and is highly durable in that it’ll last many years with no real maintenance required.

Companies specialising in providing natural stone granite worktops can cut the stone to suit your kitchen unit sizes, and fit the new worktops for you whether you decide to go the whole hog and fit an entirely new kitchen or restrict yourself to revitalising your existing units.

Electrics and lighting

Lighting can make a big difference, so you might be considering replacing that strip light with some discreet spot lighting using LED or halogen lamps. Unless you are one yourself, then the services of a good electrician will be needed unless you’re using a designer and installer in which case they’ll likely work with a suitable contractor and organise them to get to work at the appropriate time.

It’s worth checking out some kitchen lighting options to get some ideas since lighting is a worthwhile way of making the kitchen a more versatile and luxurious space.

Flexible options

As you can see there are various ways to achieve a new, luxury kitchen via the DIY route. You can use a designer to take the whole project on or enlist their help for part of the project, and there are various supply specialists such as units and natural stone suppliers who can help each step of the way.