Fast Car Disposal In Essex

Ensure your old motor is moved on quickly and make some quick money for your next home improvement

Perhaps your car has finally given up the ghost or you realise it’s time to pension it off, or maybe you’ve had an old one lying about taking up space for a while and aren’t sure how best to get rid of it. Help is at hand through an established Essex scrap car disposal specialist; with one quick visit to their website and phone call you could be waving farewell to your old faithful with some money for it sitting in your bank account the very same day. If you are struggling to raise money for the next home improvement project, consider selling that old car.

Easy and environmental disposal from the scrap car experts

Far from having to drive to the nearest scrap yard – or having to arrange transportation of your car if it’s a non-runner – car disposal is now as easy as a quick visit to a website.

Once at the Scrap Car Kings website you simply type in a basic description of your car and soon after a price is given online. If you’re happy with it you phone them and they’ll come – usually the very same day – and collect your car and immediately transfer the money straight into your bank account.

It’s as simple and as quick as that.

Proper disposal

The company is licensed to dispose of the car in an environmentally friendly manner as they’re registered with the environmental agency and connected to an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF). They’ll contact the DVLA to tell them your car has been scrapped so everything is taken care of legally.

Easier than selling it yourself

Even if you thought of selling yourself if, say, your car was a runner and still road worthy it can be quite a drawn out process and you may not make much profit. Once expenses and legwork has been taken into account such as taking it to various garages, advertising it and receiving potential buyers and incurring possible advertising costs it may not be worth the time and hassle.

How has scrapping become easier?

The ELV (End of Life Vehicle Directive) has made it easy and straightforward for an owner to scrap their old car. The legislation decrees there should not be any cost to the owner for disposing of their car when it literally reaches the end of the road.

You know where you stand

The beauty of using a service such as that provided by Scrap Car Kings is that you know where you stand; so long as your description of the car is truthful and accurate, the price offered is what you’ll receive and you have the peace of mind of knowing your old car will be disposed of responsibly and legally.

Just about any type of vehicle can be bought for scrap whether a runner or non-runner; vehicles taken include cars, 4×4, vans, and other commercials such as mini buses and motorbikes.

Wide area covered

While the company is based in Chelmsford, they can collect throughout Essex along with certain areas of Kent and London.