Getting Your Garden Ready for Summer

Getting Your Garden Ready for Summer

Spring is here – which means Summer isn’t far behind! But of course, the typically unpredictable British weather can put a spanner in the works for any gardener.

So how can you go about keeping your green space in the best condition for when the sun decides to make an appearance? Here are a few tips on how to get your garden ready for summer.


Luscious lawn all year round

Keeping your lawn well-watered, free of weeds and luscious green can be a hard task – especially when you think about the upkeep involved and the money required to maintain a natural lawn. So why not go for an artificial lawn? They may seem like an investment at first, but once laid, artificial lawns don’t require any watering, mowing, weeding or upkeeping – giving you more space and time to enjoy the outdoors with a fuss-free attitude!

There are a variety of artificial grass Essex companies on hand to advise you on the best artificial lawn to go for and the costs involved, so why not treat yourself to a luscious green lawn all year round?

Bring the indoors, outdoors

It’s time to get the patio nice and clean once and for all, so that you can make the most of your outdoor space. A pressure washer is the ideal piece of equipment for this task, but a hose and solid brush can work just as well to get the area squeaky clean.

Take the time to consider your outdoor space as you would your indoors. Go for comfy rattan furniture that you can relax on, tables for dining outdoors and plenty of plants and soft furnishings.

Time to get planting

Produce clever displays of plants, flowers and shrubs by using pots of differing heights to add a visual feast for the eyes. Trailing plants work particularly well, including Geraniums, Fuchsias and Begonias. Add lavender to the mix and you will have a gorgeous scent flowing through your garden – and they’ll attract the wildlife and bumblebees too.