Give Your Boiler a Spring Service

boiler service

Keeping your boiler safe, efficient and reliable now winter is over

With hopefully the worst of the chillier winter weather over you may feel, if your boiler has seen you through this period without incident, you can forget about it for a while. The truth is, your boiler may still be required over the spring and summer for hot water and maybe the occasional heat up, and having it serviced now means you’re set for another year and another winter.

Why service a boiler if it’s working well?

The old adage ‘prevention is better than cure’ is never truer than when servicing and maintaining heating equipment such as your boiler. An annual service can reveal potential problems that, if left undetected, could cause your boiler to let you down just at the wrong time such as when the temperatures drop again.

Who to call?

Plumbers who are Gas Safe registered such as this company providing boiler repairs in Colney should be contacted. Gas Safe registered plumbers are qualified to work on gas appliances such as boilers.

Why servicing your boiler is important:


Even if your boiler is working well – or appears to be – it may be using more gas or oil than it should. A skilled boiler expert will check it for efficient operation, and this alone could save you money throughout the year.


A leaking boiler is obviously highly dangerous not just from the potential hazards of gas but also carbon monoxide (CO). This deadly gas cannot be easily detected as it is odourless, but can cause poisoning and fatalities.

According to government statistics, some 4,000 people attend hospital A&E departments due to carbon monoxide poisoning and around 50 die each year. A Gas Safe qualified engineer will check the boiler for safety and repair any vulnerabilities.

Insurance and warranty conditions

Your boiler warranty may stipulate that an annual service, or at least inspection, should be carried out at regular intervals. Some household insurance policies may insist on regular boiler maintenance and could refuse to meet the cost of a claim if damage is caused by a boiler that hasn’t been routinely serviced.

Save money on future repairs

It’s possible that a minor repair or replacement – or maybe a basic adjustment – undertaken when servicing the boiler could prevent a more expensive and involved repair further down the line.

The environment

A malfunctioning boiler – even if it appears to be running satisfactorily – will emit excessive amounts of the ‘greenhouse gas’ carbon dioxide (CO2). As part of the servicing, the engineer should check your boiler’s emissions to ensure you’re not unduly affecting the environment through excessive CO2 output.

Meeting the cost

Some plumbers may offer a deal for servicing your boiler or maybe a special rate if you choose to take out a maintenance contract with them. Some new boilers may incorporate a serving or inspection regime as part of the initial cost for a set number of years.

Undoubtedly, regular boiler servicing is definitely worth the investment for peace of mind and safety at the very least. Unfortunately, the quality of service can vary so choose your boiler servicing company carefully.