Heatwaves Have Begun in the UK – How to Keep Your Workplace Cool

We’re heading into that time of year again where the temperatures are rising, the weather is beautiful, and everyone is starting to look forward to spending time in the summer sun to enjoy the heat. There is nothing better than spending a day outside, relaxing and soaking up the golden rays. However, it suddenly becomes less attractive if you have to spend your day in an office or a busy work environment that suffers from the hot, muggy effects of our British summer. This is often made worse as we have to contend with work clothes or uniforms that are simply not designed for the warmer weather, which only leaves you finding the situation, at the very least uncomfortable or at the very worst unbearable.

Wherever your workplace may be, an office or a factory? the first solution that common sense suggests to us is that we reach out and open any windows and prop open any doors, in the hope that a breeze will in fact circulate some fresh air and cool the inside temperature down. But this often leads to other problems with noise pollution or even security risks. Even sufferers of hay fever may prefer you to keep the doors and windows closed and suffer the heat, rather than the effects of the pollen. You may even find some office blocks are designed with sealed units that don’t provide the option to open windows and which only have centralised controls to heat or cool the working spaces. When the hot weather arrives, it is worth having your heating or air conditioning units checked. There is nothing worse than realising the radiators can’t be turned off properly or the heating timers can’t be altered when a heatwave is upon us. In the South London area, South Thames Gas can provide information on this.

So how else do you safely keep the workplace cool and comfortable and the employees happy?

If you have the air conditioning on, but this is just not enough, then you may need to consider hiring additional portable air conditioning units. These units can be hired in a range of sizes and are available for either short or long-term hire and are ideal for either small offices or larger factory spaces. These can really make a difference to the stale hot air. If the budget won’t stretch to this then a more cost-effective solution would be to have individual personal desk fans or freestanding fans placed around strategically, these will at least help employees feel slightly cooler and more comfortable.

Of course, clothing is also a great personal option to consider, if you don’t have a uniform then changing to cooler lighter, cotton fabrics will allow your body to breathe and help regulate your temperature. If you’re an employer and supply uniforms for your staff, it is worth considering a summer option that can be supplied upon request. It is also best to check around the workplace and switch off any electrical items, including daytime lighting, which may not be required, as these will be emitting an additional amount of heat which can mount up and make the situation worse.