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5 Ways To Give Your Kitchen A New Lease Of Life

These days we are spending more time in the kitchen than ever before, and for many people it acts as the hub of family life. If your kitchen is feeling a bit neglected, we’ve got some top tips to give it a new lease of life and cement its place at the heart of your home.

Upgrade Your Work Surfaces

The quality and appearance of your work surfaces can make or break your kitchen. So if yours don’t quite hit the mark, it’s time for an upgrade. In recent years, there has been a big move towards textured and tactile surfaces, and according to my preferred supplier of granite worktops in Chelmsford, quartz and granite worktops are a great way of incorporating this trend. It’s a sophisticated and quality choice, with a natural graduation of colour and tone, which enables you to a personalised element to your work surface.

Update Your Cabinets

A relatively quick and easy way to give your kitchen a new lease of life is to revamp your kitchen cabinets. Replace your cabinet doors and drawer fronts with a new design and colour that fits with the overall look you’re trying to achieve. If you have good quality, wooden cabinets you could sand them down and paint them a different colour, rather than replacing them. Even making small changes such as installing stylish new handles can make a big difference to the appearance of your kitchen.

Introduce Metallic Touches

Metallics continue to be big news in the world of kitchen decoration, but avoid chrome and stainless steel which can be a bit cold and clinical. Instead, add warmth and interest to your room with shades of copper, gold and bronze. Rose gold is a particularly popular shade at the moment, in home decor and beyond. Metallic touches can be added to your kitchen in a number of ways, from accessories such as plant pots and photo frames, through to fixtures and fittings, such as door handles, shelving and even taps.

Add Colour

Adding colour instantly revives and refreshes a room, but it’s all too often overlooked when it comes to kitchens. To introduce colour to your kitchen, try painting your cabinets in a shade of your choice, adding a feature wall or displaying brightly coloured accessories. For a modern, stylish look, balance bold or bright colours with neutral shades such as grey – a colour which is currently bang on trend when it comes to kitchen decor.

Revamp Your flooring

Changing your flooring can instantly change the look of your kitchen. Instead of the more traditional linoleum or floor tiles, consider installing a hardwood floor for a touch of luxury and elegance. Oak-stained floors are great if you’re going for a homely, farmhouse-kitchen vibe, while white-washed wooden floors will give you an airy, contemporary feel. For a super stylish, modern look try opting for a wooden floor in espresso or grey.

From installing new floors to painting your cupboards, upgrading your worktops to adding new accessories there are lots of ways to give your kitchen a new lease of life. With a bit of work and a good eye, you can ensure your kitchen is a pleasant and stylish place in which to spend time.