How Busy Architects Manage Their Workload

architect meeting

How do the busiest architects manage to take on so many clients while maintaining high quality work?

If you are just starting out as an architect you will probably be accepting every job that comes your way. But as business improves, you will find that your time is in greater demand and even after increasing your rates, people will still be knocking at the door and calling your phone. When this happens, you will have to either hope that your customer is happy to wait a few months until you have finished all current jobs, or tell them that you cannot take on the work. It is of course great to be in this position, but, if you’re running a business, you really want to take on as much work as possible. Fortunately, there is a way to achieve this without working 20 hours days, 7 days a week – outsource your architectural drafting services.

What Are Architectural Drafting Services?

First, let’s get back to basics. Architecture is a diverse enterprise that may see you carry out many tasks such as visiting new clients to discuss ideas, creating building designs, speaking to construction professionals regarding feasibility of projects, managing building budgets, meeting council planning departments, adapting and changing plans, and reporting updates to all affected parties. Being an architect is far more than just sitting at a desk and drafting some plans.

Architectural practices employ a range of staff to ensure that all of the above tasks are covered. Usually, the directors will be carrying out the high level tasks, client management, dealing with planners and managing budgets, and they will pass on the draft ideas to the newly qualified draftspersons who will eagerly spend hours either hand drawing plans or working on the latest CADCAM systems. This is how large companies manage to win so many contracts – it’s down to the economies of scale and good project management – they can manage all tasks efficiently because they have the resources, meaning the employees, in place to do the work.

If you are a self employed architect you are usually expected to do everything yourself. But, many savvy sole traders, and some small businesses, have realised that the by outsourcing the architectural drafting they can focus on building stronger relationships with customers and ensuring that the plans are seen through. They do this by using companies such as Sova Surveys who provide outsource drafting services to independent architects and companies all over the UK.

Allow Your Company To Grow

By outsourcing your drafting services at the busiest times you can focus on building new client relations and managing ongoing projects. While you may have originally considered the actual role of drafting building plans to be the key element of running an architectural business, you will soon learn that this is a role that can be delegated to another party. Whether you hire a new architect or outsource is up to you, but the option to outsource will make your business more agile, and in this competitive industry, agility and the ability to move quick are vital to win and maintain more business.