How To Clean Up Bird Nests From Your Flat Roof

birds on a flat roof

Always Call in the Experts

Flat roofs are a magnet for nesting birds, and with more homes building dormer loft conversions and flat roof single storey extensions, nesting birds on hard to reach roofs is becoming a bigger problem. Fortunately, Effective Bird Control are here to help you get rid of them.

It’s lovely to watch birds come and go in your garden, but they’re not always welcome. Have you noticed a large number of birds on your property? Then they could be nesting. If you have a flat roof, then you are even more likely to find a bird’s nest. If you do suspect that you have a pest bird problem, then then quickest and easiest way to get rid of those nests for good is to call in some effective bird control.

Flat roofs and birds

Roofs are a favourite nesting spot for birds, but flat roofs attract feathered friends in particularly large numbers. Whether your entire property has a flat roof or you just have dormer windows or an outbuilding to worry about, it’s worth paying particularly close attention to them. If you’ve only just added a flat roof to your home, make sure to be vigilant right from the start.

Don’t ignore it

Many people underestimate the damage that nesting birds can cause. After all, a bird doesn’t appear as immediately dangerous as say, a wasp or a rat. Well, it’s important to wise up to the havoc that they can wreak. The nesting materials and droppings left by birds can cause significant damage to a roof as they build up over time. Droppings have a high acidic content, which can cause holes to form in a flat roof, leading to leaks.

Call in a professional

So, you’ve spotted a bird’s nest on your flat roof. What do you do next? Call in the experts, that’s what! Effective Bird Control have years of knowledge and expertise, and will quickly be able to identify which kind of bird control solution will be appropriate for your property. Using a trained hawk or falcon, they will be able to start deterring birds from nesting on your property straight away. Using prey birds is environmentally friendly and cruelty free, so you’ll be able to go ahead with a clean conscience.

Don’t do it yourself

If can be tempting to try and tackle the problem yourself, but it is so much better to leave it to the professionals. Their knowledge of the rules and regulations surrounding nesting birds is unparalleled, so you can be sure their efforts will have no repercussions. They will also be able to complete the job much more quickly and efficiently, leaving you free to get back to normality as quickly as possible.

Preventing future infestations

As well as solving your bird problem quickly, one of the experts at Effective Bird Control will be able to help you to deter birds in the future. Using a combination of anti bird measures and a continued course of visits from a prey bird professional, you will be able to keep your property free of annoying birds for good.

It’s time to make a call

If you’ve been meaning to sort out your nesting bird problem but keep putting it off, then make today the day you finally take action. The friendly, knowledgeable team at Effective Bird Control will be able to get the ball rolling straight away, and an expert in pest control will come and visit your home or business premises in no time at all. Once you’ve seen just how easy it is to get rid of annoying bird’s nests, you’ll wonder why you never did it sooner!