How to Keep the Perfect Front Lawn

front lawn of village house

Make Sure Your Lawn Looks Great and is Ready for Anything

The front lawn is the canvas on which the entire appearance of your property rests. Make sure yours looks great this summer.

Spring is in the air, and soon the weekends will be full of that archetypal sound of suburbia – the whirr of lawnmowers doing their thing. Accompanied by the unmistakable smell of freshly cut grass, few things can be finer.

But there is more to maintaining a great lawn than simply cutting the grass. Chances are, yours acts as entertaining space, playground, and maybe even the occasional emergency parking area. Here are five tips to keeping it green and immaculate, whatever punishment you throw at it.

1) Reinforce

If your lawn gets its fair share of foot traffic, and even perhaps the occasional car parked on it, the grass can soon turn to mud. Suregreen grass protection is a plastic mesh that can be retrofitted to your lawn. It soon beds in, and the grass roots intertwine to help your lawn withstand anything, keeping it green and pleasant all year round.

2) Sprinklers

It seems strange as you look out the window at the pouring rain, but in a few short months, everything will be drying up under the unforgiving summer sun. Now is the time to install a sprinkler system, ready for the hot months ahead. In today’s automated world, you can even download an app that allows you to control the sprinklers from your smartphone.

3) Look up

The trees that surround your lawn provide privacy and a natural barrier against the sounds and smells of passing traffic. But they can also intrude upon your lawn and block the natural light that your grass needs to thrive. Regularly trim back those low hanging branches – the grass will remain healthy, the garden will look neater and trimming actually stimulates growth in the trees, too.

4) Spray selectively

Every lawn gets a few weeds trying to take over, and the key to keeping them under control is to be proactive. Take time to identify the types of weeds that are invading, and speak to an expert at your local garden centre to find out what weed killer will be most effective. If you have children and pets playing in the garden, you will need to keep this in mind – whatever treatment you use, it is best to keep the kids out of the area for at least 24 hours after spraying. Of course, that’s not so easy with next door’s cat!

5) Stay sharp

If cutting the grass seems to take longer than it used to, and you find yourself having to go over areas twice, here’s a question: When did you last sharpen the lawn mower blade? Chances are, the answer is “never,” although experts recommend you do it twice per season. Given that most of us have not none so in three or four years, making it an annual task is probably sufficient. There are online guides to doing the job yourself, but if you have a lawnmower repair shop nearby, they will probably be willing to do the job for you for the price of a couple of cups of coffee, and it will take them five minutes.