How to Renovate a Period Home and Keep Its Original Charm

ceiling rose

If you’re about to renovate your period home, use this guide to find out the endless possibilities with the layout, design and decorating. Be sure to respect the original features inside the home and help to maintain its charming character and historic soul.

Work around the details

Whilst the style of the house can be historic, it’s often the features inside that take people back in time. Work to maintain these features wherever possible, such as old banisters, vintage wallpaper or ceiling roses.

If you have an eye for detail and a mind for patience, you can keep the historic character by looking for ways to maintain the theme when choosing colours, materials and décor. There are plenty of options for creating a charming and antique feel using colour, accessories and furniture.

Try to salvage structural themes

If you are considering gutting the inside of your house, you don’t have the change how the actual structure looks. Consider hiring construction teams that specialise in historical houses so that they can understand your goals and don’t end up scrapping the best parts. The home is often inspected first by an expert, who can review the parts that must be reworked or demolished for safety reasons.

Keep the style and add space

The main problem people encounter with older homes is that the rooms are much smaller than modern day rooms and the fact that they weren’t designed with “traffic flow” in mind. If you have a smaller budget and don’t want to make any huge structural changes to the house, you could take down walls so that rooms, such as the living room, dining room and kitchen flow through for an open planned design. But make sure to refinish the rooms with the original hardwood floors, or place antique hardware throughout the rooms to salvage the history and add a personal touch.