Measured Surveys: How They Work and What They Do

Measured Surveys How They Work and What They Do

A measured building survey is an accurate representation of a buildings structural elements and architectural features. Floor plans are a necessity because they provide an accurate representation of the building, and this is backed up with elevations and cross sections.


What is a measured survey?


A measured survey is a comprehensive survey of standing structures and buildings. When a surveyor is appointed, they could carry out measured building surveys, full-fledged 3D models or a basic floor layout.

Years ago, the survey was done on paper and pencil but with the enhancement of technology, surveyors can now use smart devices such as tablets to carry out the process; they also use new-age Bluetooth laser distance meter or steel tapes. Measured surveyors produce comprehensive and detailed reports about the floor plan, roof plan, elevation and cross sections.


When do you need a measured building survey?


Building surveys are required for the redevelopment of properties or when you want to extend it. The survey is also useful for home owners who want detailed information for designing a safety plan. Owners are able to receive a complete record of their property with the details and measurements of floors and supports.


How is it performed?


An experienced surveyor will turn up with thorough preparation and will approach the job with a systematic mind set. They will use a few tools, including a laser measure, tape measure, camera and protective gear. The correct surveying equipment will be able to accurately measure the structure of the building to form a comprehensive drawing, with high-resolution digital cameras often used to take clear and detailed snaps.

Surveyors will start at one corner of a building and continue taking measurement in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction until complete. If a building is too large for a complete scan, the survey takes place in sections to ensure every inch is covered.


Why does it need to be done accurately?


The accuracy of a survey is critically important; any errors in the survey could cause severe implications. Therefore, it is vital that the process is correct to produce a detailed design.