Multiple Uses for Mobile Residential Lodges

What Would You Do With Extra Living Space?

Whether you want to provide an annexe space, design a home office or need a temporary base, mobile lodge accommodation is the perfect solution!

Are you looking for extra residential space but can’t seem to find the perfect solution? Perhaps you don’t have a garage to convert, or you’ve already used up your loft. Mobile residential lodges could be just the answer you’ve been searching for, and they actually have an extremely wide range of uses too. A mobile home is an incredibly affordable way to invest in a luxurious pad, usually for less than £35,000 with some more extravagant models nearer to the £100,000 mark. If you’re intrigued by this as a possible accommodation option for you, take note of these interesting ways that you can utilise a mobile lodge space.

Extensive Renovation

If you’re planning a major refurbishment of your existing home which would leave you unable to live in your property whilst the works are ongoing, then adding a small mobile lodge solution on your site is a fantastic temporary solution. You’ll be able to keep a keen eye on your property as it progresses without living in a heap of rubble for months on end. Once your main residence is fit to move back into, you can either keep your mobile lodge as guest accommodation or else sell it back to the dealer who will usually offer you around 60% of the purchase price so long as you’re returning within 12 months.

Annexe Accommodation

If you have an elderly relative or even a child who is coming back to your nest following university, both will probably appreciate their own space. Why not look into mobile lodges for sale, which can be placed on your land? These will be heated year-round to provide maximum comfort. If it’s tricky for a mobile home to be transported directly into place, a crane can easily lift it into position as needed.

Home Uses

Sometimes we need a little quiet space away from the hustle and bustle of the household. If you have a busy family life but need to work from home, then you’ll understand the challenges of trying to concentrate on your workload whilst the kids have friends over for a playdate. Others may find that they use their home as a base to welcome clients into. Whether you need a separate quiet area as a home office, a yoga studio or to offer therapy treatments to your clients, a mobile lodge is the perfect solution. Lodge accommodation providers allow you to create and design the interior of your temporary space so that it suits your purpose.

B&B Owners

For owners of B&B or small hotel accommodation, if you find yourselves fully booked but have a bit of land to spare, adding a lodge is ideal as you can offer additional room availability, and you’ll be surprised how many guests would prefer the extra peace and quiet away from your main building. The beauty of your lodge is that you can reposition it around your site as desired.

There are very few home or business owners that couldn’t benefit from a little extra space, and mobile residential lodges are a simple and affordable way of obtaining it.