Securing Your Garden From Theft

Will Thieves Target Your Garden This Summer?

Thieves are targeting gardens filled with valuable items. Protect your garden and possessions by following these tips.

The average British garden contains £1,457 worth of valuables, yet only 41% of homeowners include their outside possessions on their home insurance cover. Typical items of worth include lawn mowers, bikes, sheds, gardening tools, table sets and even hot tubs which would take you way beyond the average value. Many of these items can easily be picked up and packed away by opportunist thieves which is why it pays to secure your garden effectively this summer by following these tips.

Secure Items To The Ground

When it comes to the garden, it’s usually the case that the larger the item, the more it’s worth. If you have a garden furniture set with a corner sofa, or a solid stone statue as a focal point, it might make sense to secure these to the ground or fences. Some items can be set in concrete, whilst others can use wires to anchor them down.

Lock Your Belongings Away

When we’re using our gardens as regularly as we have been doing during lockdown, it can be tempting to leave things out overnight as we’re expecting to use them again the following day. Unfortunately, this pattern of behaviour is hugely tempting to thieves. If you’re not able to secure items to the ground or adjacent fences, then make sure you lock away your belongings in a garage, shed or conservatory until you need to use them again. Remember also to pack away any small tools as thieves are known to ‘borrow’ these to aid their break-in attempts.

Investing In Security

Security cameras are the greatest investment you could make when looking to safeguard your garden, your home and your vehicles. A CCTV installation Essex team explains that surveillance cameras are a significant deterrent to opportunist thieves who are looking for an easy property target. Criminals don’t want their actions to be caught on film, so are significantly more likely to move away from your property and choose another home which isn’t as well secured.  Floodlights are another essential feature for securing the exterior of your property. The latest technology includes motion detection which will illuminate your entire outdoor area as soon as the sensor is sprung. This draws immediate attention to your garden or driveways and makes it extremely hard for criminals to find dark spots to hide in.

Adding Noise

You might consider surrounding your garden with stone paths or a gravel driveway which makes that tell-tale crunching sound as soon as someone is on your property. Even if it’s the middle of the night, you’ll likely hear if there is an intruder roaming around the exterior of your home.