Security Tips for Moving to A New House

Security Tips for Moving to A New House

Moving to a new house is an exciting time in our lives, but it can also prove quite a stressful and time-consuming experience. Amidst the uncertainty of packing all your belongings, dealing with estate agents, settling issues with landlords and other involved parties, it’s only natural that home security can be overlooked.

Properly safeguarding the wellbeing of your family, yourself and the security of your new home should be up there with the top things to do, as moving house provides a window of opportunity to thieves and burglars.


Before you move homes

Before moving into a new property, you must ensure that you have done the necessary checks, such as checking the area and postcode for local crime stats to shed some light into how safe your prospective new neighbourhood is.

Make the time to visit the neighbourhood prior to moving in and speak with your new neighbours and the current residents of the property and enquire about the area. No one will be able to provide a better insight than your neighbours who have been living in the area all their life.

Moving from your old house to your new one

When you’re moving into your new home, there are several security considerations that you should pay your full attention to. Your belongings and valuables will be tucked away in boxes, so make sure that they aren’t left in plain sight, for example, in front of windows.

On the day you move in, call a professional locksmith Chelmsford to change all external door locks or cylinders to ensure that only you have access to your property – you can never be sure how many people have a copy of the keys to your home.

Don’t advertise the fact you just moved in as it could put a target on your house for burglars and thieves. For example, try and keep the details off social media and don’t upload any photos of your houses exterior or interior.

If there’s an existing home alarm system, speak with the previous owners to ask for the system code and then change it immediately – and periodically after that. Also take the time to check any window locks for possible wear or damage and replace then immediately.

After you have moved house

The move may be over, but there are still a few security issues that should be taken into consideration.

Don’t leave your keys in flower pots, under the mats or an obvious ‘safe’ place – chances are if you know these safe places – then so do they. If your new home isn’t equipped with an intruder alarm system, have a professional locksmith service Essex have a look over the home and suggest a plan of action tailored for your needs.


It’s twice as likely for people who are living in their new home for less than a year to be burgled. These stats are alarming and have helped to highlight the importance of taking necessary security measures before, during and right after moving into a new house.