Spring Is The Best Time To Renovate Your Home

Spring time building jobs

Why spring is an ideal time to undertake renovations and repairs whether doing them yourself, using skilled tradespeople or a combination of both.

Choosing the best time of year to renovate your property may hinge on how much renovation you’re planning. A thorough clear out and ‘lick of paint’ may be undertaken in spring or summer, whereas tasks involving building or construction work could be better done in spring when winter has passed and there are several months left before the next onset of possibly adverse conditions. Spring provides a combination of warmer weather and plenty of time before winter, making it ideal for renovations. If you get the work done quick, it will be finished by time the summer holidays start.

A regenerative time of year?

Spring is often thought of as the time of year when reorganisations take place. The archetypal ‘spring clean’ is as true now as it’s ever been, and many gardeners put in the hard yards outdoors at that time of year as things start to grow after the winter recess.

Therefore, spring is a good time to tackle renovations knowing there are a good six months of milder weather before autumn bites later in the year. Many renovations involve doors and windows being wide open which is more comfortable in milder weather, and it’s a lot easier to keep the house cleaner if tradespeople are in and out during dryer weather compared to the possible wetter conditions of winter and autumn causing mud and other debris to be traipsed through the house.

Planning ahead

Of course, if you earmark spring as the time to get on with renovations and it entails seeking expert help in the form of, say, builders, then it’s important to find a tradesman well in advance of when you’d like them to start work.

Summer is often when contractors and skilled trades personnel are in highest demand while fewer of them are available as some will be on their summer breaks. Booking for spring helps ensure you secure the services of the relevant people when you’d ideally require them.

If your renovation involves clearing a site – even if it’s just a section of your garden – it’s easier in early spring before plants and shrubs grow too much and sprout leaves.

Allowing time

While you might be tempted to undertake renovations in the optimum time for warmer weather such as the summer, bear in mind that if work takes longer you could suddenly find yourself running out of time before the temperatures drop as autumn arrives. Even a basic redecoration of the inside and outside of your home could easily run overtime.

A snag encountered here and there can suddenly take a week or more up and, if you didn’t get started until well into July for example, then you could find yourself at the end of the summer with lots left to do outside as chillier and wetter weather looms. Kicking off a renovation in spring gives you a longer spell of milder weather if your project overshoots time-wise.

Accommodating the unexpected

Another reason why spring makes sense for renovations is if a project takes on larger proportions. For example, redecorating old exterior paintwork may turn into replacing some wood if it’s found to be beyond reasonable and economical repair and a new coat of paint won’t be enough.

This all adds to the time and, again, giving yourself more warmer months by starting in spring rather than summer builds in some leeway for work that might take longer than originally expected.

The above applies especially if you’re doing much of, or even some of, the work yourself (but check here to ensure you’re not taking on tasks you’re not skilled or equipped for).

Sometimes things can take longer than you think and other aspects can get in the way; you may be unfortunate to fall ill so can’t spend as much time on the renovation work. Maybe your day job demands more of you for a while than originally expected? A spring start helps to take the pressure off in terms of time.