The Benefits of Replacing Your Old Front Door

Why You Should Invest In Your Home’s Main Access Point

Add an extra level of security to your property whilst enhancing its kerb appeal, by investing in a new front door solution.

A shocking 74% of UK burglars enter through the front door, according to a study compiled by MoneySupermarket. If it’s been a while since you replaced your front door, then now would be a fantastic time to look into securing your home with a more advanced model. By providing your main access point with an overhaul, you’re effectively adding a brand-new layer of protection for your property. Look further into the benefits of replacing your old front door with a more secure solution by reading this essential guide.

Increasing Security

You’d be hard pressed to find a better reason to replace your front door than to keep intruders out. However, it’s important that you choose the right type of replacement, otherwise there’s little point in committing to the installation. Secured by Design is a police-backed initiative which was created to ‘design out crime’. Security solutions such as Jansen security doors carry the SBD logo as a sign of having reached the requirements of these strict standards of certification.

For door technologies to achieve the SBD status, they need to undergo rigorous testing to prove that the barrier is impenetrable by intruders. In a typical simulated test, the door’s locking mechanism and door cylinder would be attacked by a person using small tools for a minimum of 3 minutes. Following this, heavyweight impact testing would occur by using a steel impactor at vulnerable points such as the hinges or locks.

Doors that withstand this extensive testing are awarded with the Secured by Design status and would make the perfect choice for your door renovation project.

Boosting Resell Value

Of course, security isn’t the only consideration when choosing a front door. If you’re hoping to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home’s exterior, then a new door can give the front of your property a much-needed facelift. In fact, the right door can even boost its resell value if you’re hoping to put your property on the market in the near future. Kerb appeal is an important selling point as it’s the first point of contact that a potential buyer has with your home. 68% of home buyers consider kerb appeal to be important according to the Homeowners Alliance. So, instead of welcoming buyers to a shabby property, a fresh front door can provide an entirely different feeling to newcomers visiting your home.

Energy Efficiency

Whether you’re hoping to stay or move on from your existing property, you should always take steps to increase its energy efficiency. Although you may be put off by the initial cost of a new front door, the truth is that your current door may already be wasting you money each month in lost energy. A shabby access point is more likely to have cracks or holes that enable air from your interior to leak outside, and cold air from outside to seep in. Change your door for a more energy-efficient alternative, and you could save hundreds on your annual energy bill.

There’s never been a better time to invest in a new front door. As homeowners are quarantined during the Covid-19 pandemic, now is the perfect time to make simple improvements to your home to enhance security as well as adding value to your property.