The Most Common Electrical Problems in The Home

The Most Common Electrical Problems in The Home

There are four common domestic electrical problems that homeowners may come across, and they are intermittent power, power surges, redundant wiring and overloaded circuits.

All of these electrical problems may start electrical fires, so they need to be addressed and corrected as soon as possible. For professional harlow electricians however, these problems are not difficult to identify and correct.


Intermittent power

Intermittent power is caused by a wiring problem, which is usually down to loose wiring. To locate this problem, an electrician will have to trace the electrical cable from the unit to the plug, inspecting for any signs of wear or tear, fray or any exposed wiring.

Power surge

A power surge is caused by a sudden increase in the power supplied by an electrical company. A surge can overload the circuit and cause the electricity to switch off – a worrying thought if you’re away for a few days and you have a full fridge and freezer! At a consumer level, there’s no way to prevent this, but if you think there may be a problem then purchase an electrical power bar and plug your electronic equipment into it.

An electrical power bar has a built-in circuit to ensure any surges that go to the power outlet are run through another circuit.

Redundant wiring

Redundant wiring is a common electrical problem that happens in homes where a previous owner has tried to create their own electrical wiring. Not all of the wiring is used, and sometimes live wires have been left without being properly capped or terminated. In this case, it’s best to call in an experienced and professional electrician to solve the issue.

Overloaded circuits

Overloaded circuits happen when too many extra power outlets are using existing wiring as their point of supply. This shortcut method incurs problems when multiple appliances are plugged in and using power at the same time. The demand then exceeds the capacity and causes blown fuses. The warning sign of an electrical problem will include the necessity of having to reset the fuse for a particular circuit or sometimes, flickering lights.