Top Reasons Why Properties Need To Be Demolished

Consider Demolition As The Answer To Your Property Woes

Demolition is a worthwhile solution for a number of property problems. From dodgy foundations to asbestos, here’s why you might demolish.

Unless a building is to be saved for conservation purposes, there comes a point where some properties simply reach a point where they’re no longer serving a use. If you’re a property owner who is considering the demolition of the building, check out the most common reasons to proceed with this type of project.

Unstable Foundations

The foundations of your property are what keeps the building structurally intact. If those foundations were to weaken over time, then there are steps you can take to improve problems such as with the damp course. However, if you’re fighting a losing battle with uneven floors, excess moisture and endless decorating, then it may often be simpler to deconstruct the building. A demolition contractors London team explains you can then rebuild it using the latest techniques to ensure a sturdier foundation.

Building Constructed Using Hazardous Materials

Any building constructed or renovated prior to 2000 may contain asbestos, which is an extremely hazardous material responsible for killing 5,000 UK workers each year. Asbestos can be found in a wide variety of construction materials, from sprayed ceiling coatings through to roofing felt. When asbestos is discovered, a full inspection and risk assessment must be carried out before a plan of action is created. Asbestos can be safely removed by professionals, but in some cases, it may be necessary to demolish at least part of the building as the safest strategy.

Old Building

If your residential or commercial property is old, then the materials it was originally built with may have degraded so that they’re no longer able to fully support the entire structure. Additionally, you might expect an older building, although charming from the outside, to contain a host of maintenance problems within the interior. Damp and plumbing problems are top of the list of issues which could be draining your bank account on a monthly basis. If the cost of renovation is too great at this point, then it might make sense to consider demolition. On the site of your old building, you can then reconstruct a brand-new property which will be more cost-effective to run in the long term.

Maximising Your Property Value

Property investment is big business, so if you’re keeping an eye on your portfolio and want to maximise your ROI, then don’t let a shabby building hold you back. By replacing it with a more appealing newbuild, you can significantly increase the value of the building and entice buyers if you wish to sell. This is a popular move if you’re acquired a rundown property in a prime location and wish to flip it. Remember also that demolition doesn’t just apply to largescale residences or commercial buildings. You can also choose to deconstruct smaller buildings such as outhouses or garages and rebuild them, which is a really simple way to maximise the market value of your overall property.

Demolition can be a fantastic solution for your property problems, but it’s essential that you work with a reputable and professional company to explore your options.