Which Type of Paving Slabs Will Best Suit Your Landscaping Project?

Finding the Perfect Option for your New Garden


There are plenty of paving options out there, but which one is right for your outside space?


Are you planning to re-landscape your garden this summer? Then you’re probably in a little bit of a dilemma over which paving slabs to go for. There are a wealth of options out there, and each kind of paving offers unique benefits.



Slate has a unique soft texture and subtle colour palette, and adds a lovely natural feel to a garden. It’s easy to shape into flat slabs, so can be made to fit your exact garden measurements. However, due to its soft nature it can flake and chip, so it may be suited to areas with less footfall.



Granite paving can’t be beaten for sheer strength and durability, so it’s ideal for busy gardens. Available in lots of colours and finishes, it works with many garden design styles. Its only downside is that it can be expensive, which might make it more suited to smaller spaces with less surface area.



Limestone brings a highly distinctive look to a garden. Its fine texture means that it takes on a velvety, soft appearance. Light and evenly coloured, limestone paving slabs are ideal for those looking to create an area with a bright, uniform finish. Its soft nature can make it vulnerable to wear though, so bear this in mind if you have a large family, or regularly entertain guests.



Concrete might not strike you as a beautiful paving material, but hear us out. It’s durable, is uniform in colour, and can be moulded and polished to virtually any finish. If you want paving that’s tailored to your exact requirements, this could be the paving solution for you.



Sandstone is the perfect all-round paving material. It’s really tough but easier to cut than granite, so comes in at a much lower price. It comes in a wide variety of beautiful colours. You do get a lot of colour variation though.  So it doesn’t have a totally flawless finish.



Yorkstone paving is becoming an increasingly popular choice. With a mellow, weathered appearance, it’s a timeless choice. You can get it in a wide variety of finishes, so it will suit both modern and traditional garden schemes.


Working with your garden

There are a number of factors that could influence your choice of paving. A large garden may mean you have to keep a closer eye on your budget, and the amount of footfall could make softer stones unsuitable. Things like the type of soil in your garden can make a difference too – and if the ground is uneven certain stones may be more suitable than others. If you’re not sure, call in a professional landscaper for some advice. You’ll then be able to choose your paving slabs with confidence.


It’s time to get paving!

With the warm weather looking set to last, there’s never been a better time to give your garden a much deserved redesign. Often a neglected space in the home, a garden can be transformed with a little time and investment. You’ll be wanting to spend all day outside once your landscaping project is complete!