Why More Homeowners Are Choosing Resin Driveways

resin drive

Low maintenance, durable and water permeable surface proving popular

An attractive, low maintenance surface that allows proper drainage is important for many householders when replacing their driveway or hard standing area; resin driveways are becoming more popular in providing all three.

What is a resin driveway?

Basically, it’s a mixture of aggregates such as shingle, granite and quartz blended with a viscous resin that is spread onto the driveway or hard standing area. Once dry, it makes for a smooth and durable surface.

A resin driveway is a specialism in hard standing options, so ensure an expert in installing them with a demonstrable track record is operating in your locality by, for example, searching online for ‘resin driveways in Braintree’.

Why is it so popular?

Flexibility – it can be used in various settings; along with driveways, it can be used for patios, paths, swimming pool surrounds and hard landscaping areas in gardens, courtyards and around water features.

Design variety – because of the way the combination of aggregates can be varied in terms of size, colour and composition it’s possible to create a multitude of appearances from a ‘coarser’ look to something smoother and in many different colours.

Perhaps you prefer a darker or brighter look? All things are possible.

It’s even possible to embed symbols, numbers or letters in the surface if desired so a true ‘bespoke’ driveway design can be created – a far cry from ‘any colour so long as it’s black’ asphalt for example.

Practical benefits

Along with the cosmetic attributes and its flexibility, resin driveways offer many practical benefits:

Longevity – colours won’t fade thanks to the UV stable resin used, and it’s a hard wearing surface so will stand up to rigorous use.

Low maintenance – thanks to its smooth surface it’s easy to clean quickly, and its resistance to weed growth and no loose stones to sweep away means it doesn’t take much looking after.

Practical – resin driveways are very practical in use; they’re non slip and resistant to spillages of materials such as oil, petrol and diesel whereas other surfaces would be irretrievably stained or even damaged by these.

Low cost – it’s possible to install a resin driveway onto an existing sub base (assuming it’s suitable – your driveway installation expert will know) so making for a very cost effective driveway installation.

A permeable surface

An important factor in driveways or other hard surfaces in and around properties is their ability to let water pass through and drain.

With the rise of flooding and increased instances of shorter but heavier bouts of rain, drainage is being put under more strain – not helped by increasing amounts of hard surfacing causing rainwater to run off and straight into the drains.

Permeable surfaces allow water to seep through and drain naturally into the ground below rather than running off and into the drainage system through drainage grates. The technology behind allowing a hard and durable surface such as a resin based driveway to allow water to pass through is very clever.

Along with helping avoid flooding, the permeable nature of resin driveways means planning consent won’t be required as it is for the installation of non-permeable hard surfacing.

Choose your installer carefully

Because resin based driveways can be relatively straightforward to install compared to other types, guard against the inexperienced opportunist installers who may not do a good job. Choose an experienced professional and ask to see other work they’ve undertaken.